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Any information collected on this website will not be shared or sold to third parties. Her Digital does not collect any personal information with the exception of when users willingly and knowingly consent to sign up for subscriptions to services, newsletters and updates from Her Digital. This information will only be used for these specific and stated purposes. Your personal information has the right to be forgotten and you can request for your data to be removed at any time from the Her Digital contact list.

Her Digital will use cookies to collect information, this information is solely used for the management of the Her Digital website. Where Her Digital refers to third party websites they cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of those third party websites.


Her Digital provides the contents of this site for informational purposes only and its contents represent the personal views of the authors and should not be taken as advice. All content contained on this site including blogs, webinars, training materials is provided purely on an informational basis without any warranties of any kind. The use of this website does not constitute any contractual relationship with Her Digital.

All efforts have been made to accurately represent Her Digital’s products, however no responsibility for the financial or any other success of your business can be conferred to Her Digital. Users of this website will take full responsibility for how they use the content provided within and Her Digital will not be held responsible for any actions of the users of this website.

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