About Us

About Vicky

Her Digital is run by Victoria Sollars - a  digital expert who has worked on digital campaigns with some of the best brands in the UK. Her expertise covers SEO, website management, social media marketing and selling, branding, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content creation, Adwords, non-digital print advertising, press releases, outreach and campaign planning. 

About Clare

Clare Bourne is a Co-founder of Her Digital with experience in the tech start up space. She has reached senior management in a business software company, has experience in taking new products to market and building teams from the ground up. She has experience in continuous improvement facilitation and holds a degree in Law and Social Sciences which she earned while working full time and running a business of her own.

Well, that’s the formalities over with...now a little more about the fun stuff.  We're both firm friends who love working on projects together. Aside from working on Her Digital, you'll often find us hanging out with our dogs (Vicky's French bulldogs Henry and Lola and Clare's red setter Blousey) and being nice to our other halves – Rich and Ollie.  We're also avid music fans and you can find us bouncing around Gloucestershire DJing at our eclectic music night The Sound of The Sunken Foal. #alwaysbringingtheparty

So why do we do what we do?

Well, it's simple really. We believe that outsourcing your marketing is NOT a good idea. No one knows and loves your business like you do and so no one is going to represent your brand better than you.

Which is why Her Digital is dedicated to teaching small businesses and bloggers how to be kick-ass online marketeers!

We want to show you that it's not as daunting, time-consuming or difficult as it's been made out by people who are just trying to sell you their services. We know that with the right training and tools anyone can be an online rockstar.

Our Blog

our blog

The Her Digital blog is full to the brim with handy tidbits, insanely useful tips and lengthy how to guides that will hopefully have you feeling like you can take on the subject matter with ease.

Our Freebies

To quote Ursula the sea witch (sorry I'm a little bit of a Disney freak) " You can't get something for nothing you know", well turns out she was dead wrong. 

We're working hard every day to create free resources that will add value to your learning and your business.

Visit our Freebies page to get your hands on our "How to Create a Super Powered Brand" eBook.

How to create a super powered brand free ebook

Our Courses

Our courses

They are coming soon, I promise and they're going to epic (if I do say so myself).

Get in Touch

Get in touch

We would absolutely love to hear from you!

You email us at hello@herdigital.co.uk.

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Drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.