Tips and tricks for Facebook success 

As more people and brands jump on the Facebook bandwagon, the noise level increases and it can difficult to be heard especially for the ones new to the scene. Which is why we wanted to give you some advice on how to achieve Facebook success. 

In order to ensure your content is seen, you’ll need to optimize and take Facebook-specific functionality into account, so we’ve broken this down into some handy segments for you. 


Well, what does that include? Everything. Everything that you put on Facebook counts as content. With the new Facebook News Algorithm, we know that what you post now need to incite a meaningful interaction with your audience. Every piece that you share should be used as an opportunity to create specific engagements with your followers.  

Show your human side and don’t be afraid to have fun with your content, share other people’s stuff (as long as it’s relevant) and remember if you want your audience to do something (like, share, comment) ask them. 

It’s also important to take into account that we’re very visual creatures. In fact, posts with images get, on average, 39% more engagement. You may have noticed that we never post anything without some kind of visual element. 

Post timing 

There is no point posting on Facebook at times when your audience is not online. Keep track of when they are most active, test out different times of day until you have an airtight formula. 

Our favourite time to post is 3pm. This is for two reasons: 

  • People hit an afternoon slump at work and research has shown that they are more likely to take a quick peak at their social sites around this time. 
  • Mothers will be waiting at the school gates killing time on their phones whilst waiting for their little ones. 


It’s very easy to get a bit post happy, which can turn a lot of people off your content. A sure way to lose followers. 

We tend to stick to a maximum of three posts per day. Do you have a magic number? Share it in the comments. 


Always respond to your audience. This shows that you’re actually listening to them and will make them feel valued. Even if the comment is a complaint, don’t just ignore it, that’s bad customer service. 

Try to strike up conversations with your followers. If they’ve liked your page the chances are they want to interact with you. 


Make your audience’s experience on Facebook about their experience and their connections rather than your CTR and conversion rates.  

Concentrate on them, and your audience will quickly turn into a community that thrives, grows, and supports one another, turning them into brand advocats. 

User flow 

Although most of the format for business Facebook pages is already set, it’s important to make sure your users know where to go to get what they need. If your users are looking for help make it clear what the steps are and that you have the correct landing pages in place. 


Building trust is key to Facebook success. Grammar and spelling are universally important, fact check everything you post and don’t link about to suspicious websites. 

Achieving credibility is all about being honest and transparent with your audience. 

Well, that’s it from us for now. Do you have a tip for newbies looking for Facebook success that we’ve missed off? We’d love to hear from you, leave us a comment. 


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