Day in the life of a side hustler

The side hustler life is not for everyone, it can be crazy stressful, overwhelming and take up more of your time than you’re comfortable with. But it can also be amazingly rewarding.

Today I thought I’d give you a brief glimpse into what it takes to keep Her Digital running in between normal life and my day job.

So welcome to my side hustler life….

Day in the life of a side hustler


Oh god, it can’t be time to get up already! Cue lying in bed for 15 minutes trying to decide if I really need my job. We’ve all been there am I right?


Coffee, sweet nectar of the earth how I adore thee. Now that my head isn’t completely still in dreamland I can start getting myself together.


Yay! I’m showered, dressed, my hair and makeup are done and the dogs have been walked. Plus my lovely husband has returned from his night shift and is cooking me breakfast. I’m a lucky girl.

8.00 am

I’m on the bus on the way to my full-time job and I have just enough time to squeeze in an SEO podcast (got to keep up to date) and respond to some of the messages sent to Her Digital, before starting work.


It’s my first break at work and whilst I neck my third coffee of the morning I schedule some of the posts for our social channels and interact with some of you lovely peeps on twitter.


Lunch, I’m so bloody hungry. I wolf down my sandwich and get the information I need for my call with Clare ready.


Clare and I have a 15-minute chat about our to-do lists for Her Digital this week and what needs to be done and when. Then for the rest of my lunch, I write a new blog post.


Afternoon break. I send out a quick newsletter that I prepared at the weekend and upload the new blog post. By this point in the day I’m exhausted, to be honest, and the thought “why do I do this to myself?” crosses my mind more than once but I know it’s all worth it and after a brief pity party, I soldier on.


I’m back on the bus, listening to another podcast (this time on email marketing best practise) and managing our Pinterest account. I find this quite relaxing so I can’t really complain too much.


My hubby has now left for work and whilst my dinner is cooking I start to tackle the to-do list I discussed with Clare earlier in the day. This could be anything from creating freebies to testing out new social media tactics, the work is varied and by this point, I have a bit of second wind and tend to get a lot done. Tonight I am working on getting a list of people together that we would like to collaborate with.


I’ve eaten, the house is clean, I’ve had a bath and the dogs have been walked. So you’d think it would be time to call it a day and chill out right? Wrong its study time, I’ve invested in quite a few courses recently and try to do a lesson of each per night. Don’t feel too sorry for me though, I love it!


Aaaah bed time. It’s been a very productive day and I’m pleased with everything I’ve accomplished but one of the downsides to side hustling is that you never feel as though you’ve done enough. There is always something left on the list, always something that needs a bit of extra work or you simply feel like things aren’t moving as fast or as smoothly as you would like.

Book on bed stock image

I just picked a random Tuesday (last Tuesday to be exact) to show you what my day looks like and if you’re a side hustler I bet your random Tuesday looks very similar to mine.

I would love to hear what your day is like, have you found a better way of juggling it all than I have? Is there something you particularly struggle with? Let us know in the comments.

We’ve also written a post with a few tips on how to manage your side hustle. Let us know if you find them helpful.