How to blog if you hate blogging

So, my first foray into blogging started about 4 years ago when I was working at a previous company. We were re-doing our website and it was decided that we should have a blog that each of us contributed to with a post. Easy, right? Not for me.

What then transpired was a three week long, anxiety driven task that eventually, when finished, had to be re-edited by my colleague in order to make grammatical sense before it was published. When it was published I was too shy to share my views with the world. Actually missing the point of why I would ever write a blog in the first place.

I really hated blogging.

Fast forward to last week – when I realised I loved blogging so much that I wanted to start writing pieces for another website, so applied to be a contributor. There really is no stopping me now.

So, how did I get here?


So I know that you will read a hundred articles that will tell you that if you practice at something – you’ll become good at it. Well, there is absolutely no way of getting around that truth!

As time went on (and Her Digital needed content – quickly) I was challenged to write more and more content with less and less time, having to knock out a blog post a week, without fail. It was by the end of four weeks that the penny started to drop and I found the process getting easier and easier.

The long and the short of it…

So, for me in those early days writing a blog would always remind me of writing long legal essays that I used to study for, so you can imagine how much I dreaded sitting down to write them. So, I tackled this by just starting with fewer words. I used to give myself 300 words to write about a subject during the early days of Her Digital (you can look back to the early ones and see the evidence of this!).

As my confidence grew, so did the size of my articles – don’t be afraid to start small and grow into it.

Answer your own questions

Stuck for blog titles? Sometimes the hardest way of writing a piece is just feeling lost about what to write. I found that raising your own query against your blogging subject matter, researching the answer and creating your own position and opinion on it really works. For example, my question for this blog title is “What can I do if I hate blogging?”.  Read my technology piece here which utilises a similar strategy:  “What’s the hype about hyperconverged”   

Lists are your friend

Very simply, list as many blog titles as you can in one big brain dump. You will find a good blog starting point somewhere in there.

On your marks, get set…..

Having many hats to wear means I don’t have oodles of time to write stuff.  A great way to knock out a decent blog  is actually to put yourself under time pressure. Give yourself half an hour to splurge all your thoughts about a subject and no more. Leave to simmer overnight, then sense check it the next day.

Everything is hard until it is easy. So list those blog titles and see what you can do in half an hour, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash



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