39 quick social media tweaks to help your brand

Social media can be a right pain in the butt! There I said it. However, with a few quick social media tweaks, you can make it a whole lot easier on yourself.

Social media tweaks

Take a look through our 39 quick social media tweaks to help your brand:

Start with a clear strategy

Don’t give into the temptation to buy fake followers or likes

Stick to a few key platforms rather than overloading yourself with all of them

Try not to share too much in too short a time period

Don’t just talk about yourself/your brand

Try using trending topics to increase engagement with your brand

Create unique promotional materials for each platform

Avoid spamming people

Use scheduling tools to help with time management

Keep branding consistent throughout all channels and posts

Be honest and transparent

Respond quickly to inquiries, messages, and reviews

Find influencers to help promote your brand

Take advantage of trends but always plan your social calendar in advance

Share branded content

Share other people’s content

Make sure everything you share provides value to your community

Use unique content

Promote interactive content such as polls and quizzes

Post questions to give your community an opportunity to engage with you

Use Google Analytics to track social click through rates and customer journey

Monitor metrics constantly

Don’t steal other people’s images or copy their posts

Use stock images (here’s a list of where to get 1000’s of freebies)

Disclose paid advertisement

If possible don’t delegate your social media

Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Do not use hashtags on Facebook and Pinterest

Don’t use hashtags for #every #single #word

Learn more about Hashtags here (plus there’s a freebie)

Take inspiration from what your competitors are doing

Speak in your brand’s tone of voice

Use the right size images for each platform

Follow back (unless they’re bots)

Learn the most impactful times to post for each channel

Try Facebook and Instagram advertising

Set weekly goals for your social media

Keep trying new things

Learn how to plan a successful social media strategy here

Did we miss something off?

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