How to conquer time management

Time is my biggest enemy. There’s never enough of it and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I recently asked in some of the Facebook groups I’m part of and on our own Facebook page; what one thing do entrepreneurs struggle with on a daily basis? The biggest response by far was time management.

It’s hardly surprising really. With enough time anything can be achieved, so today I want to focus on how you can master your time management.

Create a daily plan

Simple right?! However, I have definitely been guilty of not doing this. Creating a plan for each day will help you define your goals and the tasks you need to complete to get there.

Research has shown that you’re more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down.

Put a time limit on each task

It’s so easy to get sucked into one task and spend all day doing it but that’s not really productive is it? Placing a time limit on your tasks will help you more effectively plan your day and allow you to get more things done.

Tick box your activities

Tick off everything you complete. It’s such a nice feeling, isn’t it? That sense of achievement you get when you can strike something off your list.

Know your deadlines and target to be early

No matter what the assignment is put a deadline on it. Doing this will make it harder for certain tasks to slip through the net or to take longer than they should do.

I try to target my deadlines early than I actually need to, not only does this give you a bit of leeway if you overrun but you’ll be less likely to put it off until later.


No two tasks are created equal. Learn to prioritize your workload by deadline and importance, this way you won’t fall behind on your most important jobs.

Do the hardest thing first

We all do it. We start with simplest things first and we lie to ourselves that we’re working our way up to do the hard ones. However, more often than not we’ll find a reason to keep pushing that task back.

Do it first thing in the morning and get it out of the way, then you can concentrate on everything else without it looming over you.

time management

Block out distractions

Only have up what you’re working on at the time. Avoid having your emails up, your mobile on your desk or being signed into social media constantly.

These things are too tempting and it’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole that is Facebook or get stuck answering emails all day instead of doing more pressing tasks.

Batch similar tasks together

You’re already in that mind set so why not continue and get everything along the same vein done together?

Use a calendar/organizer

Whether it be the one on your computer or actual pen and paper type deal, write everything down. This will help you keep track everything on your agenda and make it easier for you to create your daily plan.

Take breaks when you need to

If you take regular breaks you’re less likely to become distracted whilst you’re actually working. Don’t just sit at your desk, get up, walk about, and just spend some time away from your business so that you can come back fresh and ready to go.


If you find yourself completely drowning in your tasks then you can always hand a few off to someone else. A virtual assistant can be a real asset to your business and they’ll free you up some time to focus on the bits of your to do list that you love doing.

Learn to say no

I hate saying no and I have on occasion put myself under too much pressure because of it. If you’re too busy then it’s better to decline or rearrange for another time when you’re not completely swamped.

Have a clock visible at all times

You can’t exactly conquer time management if you don’t know what the time is!

We truly do hope that these tips help you make the most of your day and we’d love to hear your advice on time management, so leave us a comment.