The dos and don’ts of email marketing

So you’ve got an email list, what’s next for your email marketing?

You want to create emails that make your subscribers excited to open them. They should be a way of showcasing your expertise and building a connection with your audience. But how do you achieve this?

I asked myself this question a few months ago and after rigorous research and a dash of my existing knowledge I’ve come up with a few dos and don’ts for email marketing for your business.

The DOs

Your emails should have the same aim as your blog/website; to provide value for your visitors.

DO send email regularly

This doesn’t have to be once a day (you’ll probably annoy people) but it does have regular. We send ours once a week so that we don’t overload our subscribers or ourselves, however, if you’re really busy you could always decrease that to twice a month.

DO be consistent

Try to send them out on the same day and at the same time as this consistency will help build trust and let your audience know when to expect them.

DO keep your look consistent

This one is simply branding which should be present in all communications you send out. Stick to your brand colours and the same type of visuals.

All of your newsletters should look visually similar.

DO use images

Use branded images to break up big blocks of text, to make it more fun for the reader. After all, we’re very visual creatures.

Try not to use too many though, as you could end up distracting from the main point of your email.

DO include freebies, discount and bonuses

Your emails should provide your readers with extra value that they can’t get directly from your website. Plus it’s an added incentive for them to keep opening, reading and clicking through to your relevant content.

DO ask for interaction

A lot of people think that you can’t reply to a newsletter, this is simply not true. Let your subscribers know this by asking for feedback or questions. It’s a great way of opening an additional line of communication with your audience.

email marketing dos and donts

The DON’Ts

Here are a few of the things that could torpedo your email marketing success.

DON’T just re-word your latest blog post

If they are fans enough to sign up to your newsletter then the chances are they have already read it. You’re just boring them now.

Either write something completely new or add extra value to the blog post for example “7 extra tips that weren’t included in the blog post”.

DON’T talk to your subscribers like customers

Try not sound like a robot. Use your brand voice and talk to them like they’re your friends as if you already know them. This will make your emails more relatable.

DON’T be constantly trying to sell

I hate salesy newsletters, my brain literally switches itself off after the first sentence and then guess what I do….I unsubscribe and delete.

This is not me saying that you can’t use your emails to promote and sell your products but it should come across as an afterthought. Your purpose should be to provide value for free first. That way you’ll have them thinking, well if this is what they provide for free imagine how good their paid stuff must be!

DON’T send everyone the same email

If you have different audiences on your email lists that are interested in different topics, don’t send them the same email. Adjust it to suit each group, this will decrease unsubscribes and increase click throughs as you’ll be providing them content that’s actually useful to them.

DON’T be too serious

The moment you start stressing about your newsletter is the moment that you’ll lose all the fun. Try not to overthink it, be yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This tip is more for your own sanity than anything else.

These are our quick email marketing dos and don’ts. Do you agree with our points? Would you like to add your own or ask a question?

Just leave a response in the comment section below, we’re always happy to hear from our readers.

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