Yawwnnn….. Cyber security tips..zzzzz

Alright, I know that cyber security is the driest and dullest and the least sexy out of all blog posts ever, but we work in the digital industries and we have really have to take notice of this stuff. If DDOS, phishing and vulnerabilities are subjects that don’t light your fire, here are some top level things you should be doing to keep your shizzle safe online:

Protect your devices

All of them. Update your anti-virus on your computer and have a mobile security application downloaded to your phone. I use the Windows Defender for my laptop and desktop (usually free with your Windows package) and Lookout on my phone. They both run in the background and don’t pop stuff up every two minutes.

Your network  

By this, I mean your internet at home or at work. Make sure you change the name and put a good strong password against it, you don’t want next doors gaming teenager piggying off your wifi either so keep YOUR network under wraps. An extra tip is to turn off the router if you go away for any period of time.


The same password for everything? REALLY? That’s literally like having one key that opens your house, your car, your locker at the gym. If hackers get hold of it once, they have access to all your accounts. Don’t give me that “password is password” nonsense either…you’ll make me cross.

I use Logmote to help me with passwords, not only is this bad boy a very high spec password manager, it uses my phone to authenticate my identity before it hands them over, a unique feature of this app that doesn’t exist in similar tools.

Here little phishy phishy

We’ve all had a dodgy looking email and I hope that many of us are savvy enough to know what one looks like.

Yes, it’s those “you spent £800 on iTunes, click here to view your account”. BEFORE you click ANYTHING! Always look at the email address, if it looks remotely dodge, just don’t click anything and contact the real vendor.

In short, cyber crime cost UK business £29 billion in 2016 with 32% of all companies victims of some sort of cyber crime. Cyber security is an extensive subject, we have done our best to give you some top end pointers, but here are some other great resources that can help you with the detail: