Why your small business should have a CSR policy.

It’s an age-old adage that if you do good, good will come to you too. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a practice or policy put into place by businesses that aim to help charitable causes, community projects or not for profits. Here’s why I think every business should have a CSR policy:

There are many benefits to ANY business implementing a social responsibility policy, but what are these benefits and how do you get started? Even if you are a micro business or sole trader you can make a difference to others and yourself.

Pick an organisation

In the ideal world, you should pick something that aligns to your business. For example, if you run a landscaping business – get involved with a local community garden project. If you cannot find an organisation that aligns to your business, think about what is important to you or how your skills can benefit others, there are so many opportunities out there.

Define how/what you want to give

Having a CSR policy doesn’t mean you always have to give money. Although many organisations are always on the look out for funds (and you can set a budget for this), you can also help by dedicating a few hours of time every month, or perhaps offering some work experience to someone who needs it. Be realistic about what you can give, don’t burn out and make it a chore, see it as a lovely supplement to your work and business culture.

Stick to your plan

Don’t be all mouth and no trousers, deliver on your promise.

There are of course some benefits to having a CSR policy for your enterprise. Now, I really detest that “what’s in it for me?” culture that is prevalent in the modern business world, HOWEVER you are giving time/money to your cause, so you deserve some of the following:

It’s good for the soul

Making a difference and making new friends, there’s nothing like it, right?

It’s great PR  

It’s great to have interesting pictures and stories to tell on your business social media, blog etc. You might even end up in the newspaper!

You will learn something

It’s amazing how much helping others helps you see a new perspective on your career and business.

So, remember, in the words of Anne Frank “No one ever became poor by giving”. Go get em’ tiger.