How to nail your branding

Branding is way more than just having a good name and cool logo, it can actually be a huge asset to your company or blog. It’s not just a few small design bits, your brand is you and that should come across in every element of what you do!

Creating a strong brand will help you stand out, help build trust and ultimately help you reach your end goal, whatever that may be.

So let’s jump right in….

Get to know you

Like I said branding is all about you. This means you need to make sure that your personality and what makes you an individual shines through. Start by asking yourself some questions; what makes you want to do what you do? What makes your business different? What gets you excited? What is your end goal? Then turn these into a brand mission statement, it should be 2-3 sentences long and include the purpose of your blog/business.

You can also write a personal outline including things like what you’re passionate about. What do you do for fun? Describe what your ideal day would be, what inspires you and your favourite topic to write about. This is useful in making sure that your brand reflects who you are.

Choose 3 words that describe your brand

This is always harder than it sounds. Stick to emotions, how do you want people to feel when they see your brand? Intrigued? Happy? Creative? Once this is complete you can use these as a helping hand when choosing images, fonts, the tone of voice and much more. In case you were wondering; ours were inspired, enthusiastic and motivated. Do you think we managed to convey this in our branding?

Use Pinterest to create a mood board

I’ve seen lots of bloggers recommend this step when it comes to branding and I have to say; not only is it fun but it’s also extremely helpful when centring your approach. Spend time collecting colours, fonts, graphics, icons and anything else that makes you feel inspired about your brand. Once you have a good few things saved, go back through and start refining your selection; keep the things that are similar and the ones you just keep coming back to. This will certainly make you feel creatively linked to your business/blog.

Choose your brand elements

The key thing here is consistency, you need to settle on the specific colours palettes, fonts, photo styles, and graphics you might use. You want your style to be instantly recognisable, so use it on everything, website, blog, social, business cards and any other marketing materials.

Create a logo

Think hard about this one, you want it to be iconic, memorable and something that illustrates you and what you do. You’ll also want something that ages well, so stay away from trends, you don’t want to redesign every few months as you’ll struggle to maintain awareness and trust.

Work on your tone of voice

Do you want to be light and cheeky? Knowledgeable and educational? Will you be formal? Funny? What about swearing? Are you more personal and sweet? The list of these questions is endless, it’s up to you to figure how you want to be perceived and work that into your writing. Don’t forget that tone of voice also needs to be used on your social campaigns, videos and any marketing materials.

Create a style guide

This should contain your mission statement, your logo, your colour palette, your fonts, image guides and your 3 keywords. By keeping this to hand you will always know if your choices are on brand, it’ll become an important reference sheet for all your business decisions.

Time to create your branded goodies

This will include big projects like your website and blog, as well as smaller easier to tackle ones like business cards, stationery and social media accounts.


These are the basics, so get going and we’ll see you back here for the next steps to kick ass branding for blogs and businesses.


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  2. These are great starter steps for anyone or business trying to build their brand. I’d never considered using pinterest to collect ideas.

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