How to start a LinkedIn group

Hi, it’s Clare from Her Digital and I have a massive confession….I haven’t mastered the art of creating the perfect LinkedIn group yet, but our Her Digital LinkedIn group page is underway. Despite not being the best orator to start schooling our followers about this particular subject – I thought I would at least share some helpful articles. We can do this journey together, yeh?

Why start a  group? 

This was my first question. After all, you don’t need unnecessary tasks filling your time that yield little or no results if it doesn’t hit your target audience. HOWEVER, if it is business 2 business that you do, that is of course where businesses hang out. Here is a great article from Lewis Howes that explores the benefits of setting up a group – Top 10 Reasons To Start A LinkedIn Group

How do I set up the group?

This is easy peasy, if not already, get signed up to LinkedIn and create a profile (read this if you are looking for extra advice on how to perfect your own profile).

Then follow these instructions from LinkedIn Help on setting up your group.

When setting up the group, it is key to know who you want to target. Invite people from your current LinkedIn network, but only those who fit the specifics of your target market.

What do I post in the group?

The idea behind the group is to encourage professional, business-led conversation with like-minded peers. LinkedIn is different to other social media platforms in terms of its formality, so your own informative content that is inline to the group’s mission. Memes of your dog eating lemons are not for this platform, regardless of how much we like them………

How to grow your audience.

We’re currently sitting at this stage with you. We’re trying out some strategies based on this post from 2016 by Social Media Examiner – 5 Way to Grow Your LinkedIn Group.

Okay, so let’s regroup in a month and see how we all got on. In the meantime, if you would like to join our brand new LinkedIn Group, join us here.