Tips on how to work your way up….

Only being a recent graduate at the age of 34 means my career has been made up of jobs where I’ve had to start at the bottom. I had to show some gumption and work my way up into a good career position. Here are my tips on building a career from the bottom up:

Know the industry

Whatever industry you work in – get to know it in every way possible. Signed up to industry newsletters, keep your eye on competitors and follow influencers and thoughts leaders.


Not in a creepy, weird or gossipy way! But learn the terminology your colleagues and advanced peers use, hear the way the best employees speak to their customers and copy that.

Customers are your key

Customers are not always right, but oh boy, they can give you a huge insight into what’s working for them. One of the virtues of working at a tech support desk was the insight into what problems our customers experienced with our product. As our company moved forward into a new product, I was armed with valuable information which helped to shape a better solution for our end users.


It stands to reason that if you’re keen to move up in any company, it is key that you get involved in as much stuff as you can. When we were short of a sales person in my current role, I volunteered and stepped up to the plate. Honestly, I wasn’t the best salesperson. However, hearing what your prospects were looking for was hugely beneficial in learning how to handle objections etc. Just get involved.


You should get to know people in your industry. There are heaps of great meet-ups of all kinds, so just start locally, and make some great business connections.

Finally, If you’re starting from the bottom in any organisation it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Quite often provides a level of unbounded knowledge and experience that cannot be taught. Work hard, learn more and get involved.


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