Free resources for bloggers & small businesses

What’s better than a free helping hand? That’s right, not much, so here’s our list of top resources that won’t cost you a penny!

Answer the Public

Honestly can’t rave enough about this website! You simply type your chosen subject into the search bar and it will give you all the questions people have asked about that topic. Hey, presto you have a whole list of blog ideas that your clients and readers actually want to hear about.

Plus the man in the jumper behind the search bar get grumpier the longer you keep him waiting.


We’ve mentioned this website before and we’re mentioning it again because we fricking love it. We create all of our social images on it, there is a wide range of templates, fonts and formats to choose from and it’s actually quite fun to play around with.


If you don’t have a great camera or your photography skills aren’t as good as you’d like then you need to sign up to Ivorymix. You can download new beautiful stock photos for free every month for free!


Newsletters are a great way to reach out to customers and potential new fans to tell them about new posts and products, well anything you like really. Mailchimp allows you to do this easily with step by step tutorial plus heaps of helpful tips to from pros who know it inside and out.

What are your favourite resources for bloggers and small businesses?