21 easy blog post ideas

Ever hit that wall when trying to come up with something new and interesting write? Yeah us too, it happens to everyone. Hopefully, this list of blog post ideas will help you out where this particular problem is concerned….

  1. Share your successes

If something is going right in your life then tell your followers about it and let them know the journey.

  1. Share your failures

You shouldn’t hide your mistakes away, they’re great learning tools for other people. Let them know what went wrong and what you would do differently.

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  1. Share an idol

Is there someone in your industry who you admire? Write a piece about them and why you love them. This is an excellent reason to reach out to them and get them involved in your work as well.

  1. Talk about a current event or issue

If you have an opinion about something going on in your industry then share your thoughts. This will help you become a thought leader in your industry and develop trust and authority for your brand/blog.

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  1. Explain a program or tool

Is there an app or computer program that makes your life easier? Great, now tell other people about so that they can experience it for themselves and don’t forget to tag the company when you post to social.

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  1. Create a video

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a new way of engaging with your audience. You could do a screen share and walk your fans through how to use a certain program or just film a quick behind the scenes on your mobile.

  1. Tell people your goals

Let everyone know what you’re aiming for, your timeframe and why you’ve decided to do. Then ask people to share their own goals.

  1. Show your expertise

Give a quick and simple guide for something you know how to do really well. People are always searching for ways to learn new skills, so you’ll know you’re on to a winner with this one.

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  1. Collaborate

Get involved with people in your industry and ask them to collaborate on piece with you. Not only will it be fun but you’ll also be reaching out to new audience.

  1. Testimonials

If you have a product or service that has received good feedback, why not share this on your blog? Just remember to get permission to use the testimonials first.

  1. Giveaway a secret

Everyone wants to know how specific industries work. Go behind the scenes of your industry life, for example, “What’s equipment is needed to make a YouTube video” or “How you arrange items for the perfect image”.

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  1. Share your inspirations

What inspires you? Why do you want to be in your industry? How do you get your creativity pumped?

  1. Talk about how your business works

Share a particular process that happens in your business. Your reader might be able to pick up a few things plus if they’re following you they’ll probably find it extremely valuable.

  1. Share back story

How did you get to where you are right now? Hopefully, this a piece that people will relate and respond to. Try not to make it too long winded, most people won’t be interested in you detailing the entire of your childhood, so just keep in mind what your reader would actually enjoy hearing about.

  1. Do an interview

Pick someone in your industry that your audience could benefit from and invite them to take part in the interview. You could even ask your readers ahead of time what questions they would like to be asked.

  1. Give some tips

“How to” guides are some of the most popular posts out there, so it makes sense to capitalise on this. They don’t have to be ground-breaking just helpful.

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  1. Write a list

These are quick and easy! For example “Top 5 books I plan on reading over the summer”, “10 WordPress tutorials for newbies”, “20 places I want to travel to”.

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  1. Give a sneak peek

Go something exciting in the works? Maybe a collaboration, a new product, a new section to your blog? Why not offer a sneak peek on your followers to encourage them to come back when it’s live?

  1. Share “what not to dos”

These should be helpful for people in your niche and can be written from your own experiences or just your own opinions. Just be sure to explain why they shouldn’t being doing it.

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  1. Tell people about an experience

Did you go on a life changing holiday? Have you been to see a play or band? Did you take a course that really helped you? Tell your reader all about it.

  1. Review a product or service

If you’ve tried something recently that you think your audience would be interested in hearing your feedback on, then go for it! Positive or negative it doesn’t matter as long as it’s honest.

Now it’s time to get writing that blog post ladies, good luck!