Mistakes we made in our first three months

With January almost midway through, Her Digital has now ended its first quarter and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved so far. However, with any new business, they are always bumps in the road and things you look back on saying……“Well, we certainly made a few mistakes there didn’t we?”

So in the hope of helping out you lovely lot, we decided to write down the biggest mistakes we made in our first three months.

Mistake: We didn’t have a specific plan

We knew our concept and what we wanted to achieve. Unfortunately, in the whirlwind of setting everything up, we didn’t actually put a business plan or content strategy together. I know, hypocrites right?!

We just started posting content and trying to work on our social profiles, not the best approach as we were pretty much all over the place. Our posts weren’t getting much traction and traffic to the website was low (I mean really, really low).

Solution: We made a damn plan

Yep, it was as simple as sitting down together with a glass of wine and notebook and getting sh*t sorted. Since figuring out how we were going to get from A to B. Our content is better, as is our social engagement, traffic to the website and our overall sanity.

The plan is forever changing to accommodate new ideas or roadblocks.  So we speak every day through either Facebook or emails and we met up on Thursdays to establish our goals and tasks for the coming week. Plus more wine.

Mistake: Not having a clear division of labour

When there is more than one of you, deciding who is going to be the better option at doing a specific task can be tricky. We didn’t even try to do this at the beginning! Whenever something popped into either of our heads we would just do it, often without talking to the other person.

As a result, we made silly mistakes like duplicating certain tasks and not prioritising right. For example, we waited to set up a newsletter because it kept slipping both our minds and we still haven’t sorted out our “kickass” About Us page. Rookies…am I right?

Solution: Learning our strengths

We both have different areas that we’re extremely knowledgeable in. By discussing what those are we were able to assign tasks based on who would perform best at them and who would enjoy them the most.

This makes the whole process a lot more fun and you don’t end up feeling like you just got lumped with a really annoying task. Even if you’re working on your own divide the things that need to get done over days or even weeks so you don’t suffer from overload.

Mistake: Not thinking about time

Clare and I both have full-time careers as well as being DJs on the side (more coming on this in our about us page (see above)). Not to mention, partners and puppies to look after. In spite of all this, we thought we’d have loads of time to dedicate to Her Digital.

Boy were we wrong!

Because we hadn’t set out a clear plan or division of who would do want, it was so easy to get overwhelmed or worse, inconsistent! It honestly felt that when we’re focusing on Her Digital we were neglecting our other responsibilities. On the flip side, when we were focusing on everything else, it felt like we were never going to get anywhere.

Solution: We got our acts together

That’s right, we put on our big girl pants and womaned up! We knew if we wanted Her Digital to be a success then we would have to make some sacrifices and of course actually having a plan in place helped. So now we have specific times that we dedicate to the website instead of just trying to squeeze it in when we could. Luckily our partners are understanding and because both our jobs are digitally based we are getting inspiration for our next post. We know it’s going to be hard work and sometimes we’d rather be doing something else but we’re hoping that our determination will lead us on to big things.

Mistake: Not knowing the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

I fully hold my hands up to this one, I made the mistake. In my defence they look pretty much the same, they are owned and operated by the same people, but they have different features. So we’re now stuck with WordPress.com for a year (sad + embarrassed face). It’s not too bad but it doesn’t give me the freedom that .org would have so I’m kicking myself a bit.

Solution: There isn’t one right now

It’s too late for us (at least for the next 9 months) but save yourselves! Always go with .org especially if you want your choice of plugins.

So there you have it our shame laid bare, we hope this helped some of you. Either because you won’t make the same mistakes now! Or you’ve already made them but knowing that someone else has as well makes you feel better.

I’m sure we’ll make lots more mistakes over the next 3 months. We’ll be sure to let you know exactly what they are.



  1. A really helpful post for new bloggers x
    The Buttercup Baby ?

    1. Her Digital says:

      Thank you, hopefully it will help some people avoid making our mistakes 🙂

  2. somorita says:

    These are the mistakes most of us have done. Haha.
    All the best for your blogging future

  3. Your blog is awesome and super professional, I instantly followed!

    1. Her Digital says:

      Thank you very much 🙂

      1. You’re welcome ☺

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