5 things pro bloggers do before hitting publish

Any content creators or bloggers who write a great piece, that they have put time and effort in wants it to do well. However writing the content is only the first step in making sure it’s a success. The additional steps you take can be just as important as the content itself.

Make sure the post is SEO/search engine friendly

Writing high-quality content is paramount when talking about SEO. However, there are certain things you can do to increase search engine visibility and ultimately get more traffic.

  • Make sure relevant keywords are in your URL and the words are separated by hyphens, for example, https://herdigital.co.uk/quick-fire-twitter-tips/. This makes it more search engine friendly than herdigital.co.uk/twittertips40hffbs
  • Choose your title based on keywords and short phrases that you would search for on this topic when using Google.
  • Use keyword rich Alt tags and descriptions on images. Google can’t see images so you need to tell them what it is. This is also useful as when someone pins an image from your blog Pinterest uses your Alt field as a default description for the pin.

Create specific imagery for each social platform

Each social media has different dimensions for the ideal post image. Pay attention to this it could be the difference between whether or not you get a click through. Canva is a fantastic way of doing this since they already have templates for each platform, making it super easy.

Prime your social audience

Be active on your social platforms before you post. Engage with other people’s content and posts in a meaningful way (not just pushing your own stuff). This will make them more likely to pay attention when you next post something online.

Create a content upgrade for your post

These extra pieces of kick ass goodness are the difference between sending out newsletters to tumbleweeds and your mum and actually having an email subscriber list. Content upgrades don’t have to be complicated, you could offer a PDF version of your post if it is something that will be referred back to. Or if you’ve written a list of ten items you could offer a further 5 related points in exchange for their email address. The possibilities are endless with this one just remember to make it relevant.

Check your stats

This one obviously has to be done after you’ve published. Just keep an eye on the number of people who have visited your piece and where they have come from (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, search….). This will have an impact on your future writing. You’ll know the type of topics that are popular and the best place to promote them. Pay special attention to older content that still get visits as this is a good sign that you should add a content upgrade and write more around this subject.

All of these things together will get you on your way to creating useful and meaningful content that your readers will love!

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