7 Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is an important tool when it comes to digital marketing for your blog or company. However, there are so many people missing the mark when it comes to their channels. We want to make sure you’re getting everything you possibly can from your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

So here’s a list of common social media mistakes you should avoid like the plague.

You haven’t planned ahead

When you don’t have a social media strategy in place your posts can sometimes look a little disjointed or sporadic. You should be using your channels to support the content and products you’re putting out, this will be a lot easier. In turn, it helps you to create a stronger brand when it’s planned ahead of time.

You’ve overloaded yourself with accounts

You’ve just started a new business or blog and in the excitement you’ve created an account on every social media platforms you can find. Which may seem like a smart move but you can easily overload yourself. This will eventually lead to you letting things slip on one or more accounts, not posting regularly, not putting up quality content and not engaging with your followers. This will make you look disorganised and ultimately damage your brand. Keep the focus on one or two platforms to begin with. You can then slowly branch out when you are sure you have top quality content to offer on new channels.

Talking too much about yourself

If you’re only posting your own stuff and only talking about what’s going on with you and your business/blog then you may find that you struggle to get interaction. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to show your audience that you’re willing to communicate. As a result, it will make them more likely to do the same.

You’re not being social enough

If people talk to you on social media make sure you talk back (except for automated messages but we’ll get to that). Your audience expects you to be responsive when they make comments or ask questions and it will help build trust between your customer/reader and your brand. Remember that social media is designed to be a way of you having a type of conversation with multiple people. Don’t let it be one sided.

You’re posting too much

This can actually really hurt your social profile! When people see that you are constantly posting it gives off a spammy impression, which we’re assuming you’re not aiming for. This is another reason that a social media strategy is a good idea as it should include a posting schedule. Meaning you can ensure that your audience never feels bombarded with your posts and get turned off by your brand.

You’re going crazy on the hashtags

We understand it’s easy to do but again it makes you appear spammy and a bit of an amateur plus it’s a bit annoying. Limit yourself to two or three hashtags and only relevant ones to what you’re trying to get across in your post. You should also search for a hashtag before you use it to avoid any confusion about the topic it is covering.

You’re sending out automated messages

Be honest when was the last time you replied or even actually read an automated message? If you’re using them already, then stop! They have a high spam factor, they seem impersonal and lazy as well as being incredibly annoying. You’re more likely to get a response from tweeting, commenting or sharing other people’s work than from an automated message.

Remember that social media is meant to be fun so enjoy yourself with it! Good luck.

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