24 Marketing Tasks for Entrepreneurs

The problem with being an entrepreneur is that instead of having different departments that handle different elements of the business, you have to do it all yourself! This includes marketing tasks, which in some cases can make or break a business.

So we’ve put together some individual marketing tasks that can help boost your business.

  1. Get and use business cards
  2. Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas
  3. Sponsor a local cause or event
  4. Go to a networking event
  5. Send personalized thank you cards to loyal customers
  6. Write at least one helpful blog post per week
  7. Create a Facebook business page
  8. Set up a Twitter profile
  9. Create Pinterest profile
  10. Start your an Instagram profile
  11. Engage with your social media audiences
  12. Build an email subscribers list
  13. Send out an email newsletter
  14. Host a giveaway
  15. Offer discounts on selected products
  16. Ask customers for reviews/testimonials
  17. Advertise on social media
  18. Advertise using Google Adwords
  19. Host a workshop or webinar
  20. Write guest posts for other websites
  21. Make videos to market your products/business
  22. Create your own Facebook group and visit other peoples
  23. Offer a referral programme to other businesses and existing customers
  24. Start a podcast or be interviewed on someone else’s

We hope you found this list helpful and if you think there’s something we missed off that’s worked for you let us know in the comments.