Grow your Business & Blog

With 2017 now here (I know, we blinked and 2016 was over!) it may be the perfect time to start looking at new way to grow your business or blog! So we’ve put together a lovely little list of things you can do to help you achieve that goal.

Create an awesome business plan

What could you possibly need a business plan for? You’re already up and running there’s no point in going backward right? Not quite….Putting together a detailed business plan is one of the best ways to center your approach, create clear and defined goals as well as a process to get you there.

Build a strong AF brand

Making sure your brand is on point will go a long way to helping you gain more followers. A strong consistent brand will make you appear unique (even when you’re not). It increases the chance of attracting your perfect client/follower, helps nurture client loyalty and gives you credibility.

Think of what your business/blog means to you, what words/feelings do you want it to invoke in others? Then visit your website and see whether those words or feelings are the first things that come to mind. If not why not? Try to make sure that your tone of voice, type of imagery use and logo are the same across all platforms. Lastly, make sure you heap on the personality! Your blog or business should be an extension of you.

Create a kick-ass content calendar

Start planning your posts at least 2 weeks in advance making sure that the topics go hand in hand with your brand guidelines. This will relieve the stress of having to think something up on the spot and it allows you to work around any events or holidays coming up, so your content is always relevant. You could even write a few at a time (if you’re in the zone). Then you simply schedule them to go up at a later date, no fuss no muss!

Get social

If there’s a social media site you’re not on or have been neglecting, get on it. Each social platforms has its own benefits and drawbacks but it’s your job to do the research and figure how you make it work for you. Just remember that each platform requires a different tact. Posts at different times of the day, different image dimensions, different rules around gaining followers, so read up on each one.

Work on those photography skills

Nobody wants to see crappy images. People are more likely to read your posts, click on your link, like your social stuff and ultimately trust you and your brand if they’re accompanied by good quality imagery. There are plenty of free guides on YouTube, Pinterest and other people’s blogs to help you along. Still not improved or don’t have the time? Not worry that’s what stock images are for. Take a look at Unsplash for free downloadable stock images. Better images will help you grow your business and should not be overlooked.

Collaboration is key

Find a like-minded individual or company that you would like to join forces with. Think about a project you could do together and then approach them with your idea, what’s the worst they can say? This is a great way of tapping into someone else audience and its fun.

Research, research, research!

The moment that you think know everything is the moment that you fail. Never stop learning about your industry and everything connected to it, especially the digital side of things as it is forever changing. Set some time aside every week to catch up on the latest industry news, learn a business tip, try a new marketing trend. Whatever it is, make sure you gain at least one piece of some useful knowledge every week.

We hope these help you gain more followers or customers and ultimately, grow your business or blog in the new year, good luck!