5 Skills That Will Help Your Blog

Whether you have a blog for fun or as your career, there are certain skills that will help you reach more people and get your name out there.


For those of you not in the know, this is Search Engine Optimisation. Put simply it’s all about ranking higher in Google’s research results. This is a crucial skill for anyone wanting to make a career out of blogging; in today’s technical age you can’t get anywhere without knowing how to optimise your site. Luckily there are plenty of places to get up to speed on this issue our favourite is Moz.com.

Take a look through their SEO Basics GuideĀ 

Social Media

OK, so you know how to tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram, what more is there to know? Lots actually! Social media is your biggest tool in finding new fans and simply posting and hoping is not going to cut. Thankfully Moz also has a great guide to this as well, trust us; there is a lot to learn.

The Beginners Guide to Social Media

Guest Blogging

Leverage other people’s sites to gain access to a whole new audience. There are plenty of websites and blogs out there that want new blood to come in and write for them so don’t be shy. Start by following them on their social channels, interact with their posts and then reach out with an email to introduce yourself. It’s a fab way to make industry contacts, start new relationships and get new followers.

Here’s a handy guide to guest blogging from Kissmetrics.


Grammar is very important; not only for your reader’s enjoyment but from an SEO standpoint as well. Grammarly is a free service that checks the grammar and spelling for everything you post online.

Get Grammarly here.


You’ll see this piece of advice everywhere on Her Digital. We believe that a good blog post is one that is well thought out and researched properly. So do your homework even if you think you know all there is to know on a subject. Double check your facts, see what other people are saying and make sure everything you post is as accurate as possible.


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    I’m always looking for guest bloggers – and I’m always willing to return the favor too!

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