10 Easy Things That Will Get You A Promotion

I saw a post on twitter the other day and it had a whiteboard that said 10 things that require zero talent and listed the things you see below. So I thought I would expand on what each of these points means and how they can help you get a promotion.

Being on time

We probably shouldn’t even have to tell you this, no one rewards tardiness. Shape up ladies this is beginners stuff!

Work ethic

You should take pride in your work, feel a strong sense responsibility for it and your emphasis should always be on quality.


The amount of effort you put it directly correlates to the amount of work you get done and the standard to which it is completed. More effort equals extra pats on the back from bosses, simple.

Body language

Having closed off body language can lead people to believe that you don’t really want to be there which doesn’t bode well if you want a pay rise or promotion. So drop the negative vibes which means; no crossing your arms, no slouching or fidgeting and remember to make eye contact.


Be enthusiastic about you’re doing, even if it’s the dullest job in the world at the moment. Showing enthusiasm for the small things will make you more likely to be put on more interesting and stimulating tasks.


Don’t be a Negative Nelly! Give criticism constructively, be helpful to other team member and remember to smile. Frowny faces are rarely received well by those higher up.


Love what you do and show it! If you don’t love your job then why are you still there, let alone trying to get promotion in a company you’re not interested in?

Being coachable

Be open to learning new things and always try your best. If you want to move up then you’ll have to need to learn new skills and no one want to train someone who makes that difficult.

Doing extra

Go above and beyond. This could be anything from staying an hour later during a busy period or offering to help with other people’s workload. Or it could as simple as offering to make everyone a cup of tea once in a while. It all counts.

Being prepared

If you have a meeting or a presentation then make sure you have gone over all the of the material. Practice what you’re going to say and make sure you’ve brought with you everything you need. This shows organisation skills and because you’ve made sure you really know your stuff you’ll feel and act more confident.

As always whatever you do just make sure you’re happy! Good luck with your promotion.