Why it’s important for entrepreneurs to set working hours

Right now you’re probably saying “Isn’t the whole idea of being self-employed not having to work 9-5?” And you’d be partially correct but there are some definite benefits to setting actually working hours.

It doesn’t have to mean working the same times every single day, it’s more about setting flexible hours that fit in with the rest of your life. Meaning you can work around things like school drop offs and standing social engagements.

Here are some of my top reasons for setting working hours


You’ll be able to create a schedule that works for you

Instead of trying to bits and pieces throughout the day you’ll have a schedule to work to making it easier to complete tasks. You can work to your strengths for example; if you’re more productive in the morning then you can set the most difficult tasks to be then.

Clients will appreciate the predictability

You can outline your response time based around your set working hours which means your clients will know that they won’t get an immediate response from you should they email a question 10pm.

You can set times for things outside of work

If you know exactly when you’ll be working it’ll be easier to make plans with you family and friends. After all isn’t that why you’re doing this whole entrepreneur thing? To be able to create the life you want?

It will ensure you take a break

If you’re anything like me sometimes it’s all go, go, go and you fail to give yourself any time to recharge. This is not only bad for you but bad for your business, if you’re exhausted you won’t be doing your best work.

Takes away the guilt of not working

There is a misconception that as an entrepreneur you’ll have to work your finger to bone and be “on” all the time, so it’s not surprise that some of us end up feeling guilty when we’re not working. Having a set time to stop everyday should help ease this. Remember you’re not a machine and you deserve a life outside of your business.

It will increase productivity

Having a schedule will make it harder to put things of until later as you know you’ve only got a set amount of time to complete certain tasks and splitting up your hours throughout the day will make it less likely that you’ll get distracted.

I hope this helped sell you on the idea of setting yourself working hours, if it didn’t just remember that it’s important to take breaks and not let your business consume your entire life.

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