Why it’s important for entrepreneurs to set working hours

Right now you’re probably saying “Isn’t the whole idea of being self-employed not having to work 9-5?” And you’d be partially correct but there are some definite benefits to setting actually working hours. It doesn’t have to mean working the same times every single day, it’s more about setting flexible hours that fit in with…

5 things we learned at the B2B Marketing Conference.

So a few weeks ago Her Digital spent a few days knocking around the London ExCel at the world’s biggest marketing conference. Our intention was to pick up on what the top marketers are thinking and doing in 2017. So here we are, sharing what we learned with you guys…. Account Based Marketing (ABM) was…

Yawwnnn….. Cyber security tips..zzzzz

Alright, I know this subject is the driest and dullest and the least sexy out of all blog posts ever, but we work in the digital industries and we have really have to take notice of this stuff…

5 Facebook posts to boost engagement

Creating content for Facebook isn’t always easy and sometimes you can feel like you’ve got stuck in a rut with it all. Which is the perfect time to switch things up!

Pros & cons of being an entrepreneur

Most people have dreamt of being self-employed at one point or another but how many of us actually know the truth about becoming an entrepreneur?